Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

The Art of Comparison

Orange is to pheasant
as tangerine is to quail.

How easily lives may be peeled and consumed.

Bridge is to raft
as train is to car.

How tightly the ends of a trail are tethered.

How perfect the art of comparison
that sling can be to singing
as Goliath is to shuddering earth,
that arrow can be to correlation
as bow is to itinerary.

How obvious are source and destination,
how chilled the observer standing between them.

Blanket is to genocide
as lovemaking is to terror.

How easy it is to draw forth the latter
by infecting the former with a deadly pox.

Pebble is to bullet
as tomcat is to wildfire,
as stinger is to charring,
as bootblack is to shouted orders.

How we know these things without ever having learned them.

As fern is to memory,
so clay is to despair.
As leaf mold is to an enduring fear,
so a bone on a littered beach
to a whisper of crumbled lullaby.

How easy to remain ignorant
of how all things are speaking to one another.

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