Daily Archives: May 26, 2009

Some thoughts about the online world of T. Brown

I’m going to be making some changes soon, based on a lot of thinking I’ve been doing.


— Probably getting rid of Facebook account.  I don’t like FB, but felt it was necessary to keep in touch with a lot of people.  It has become a major and trivial timesuck, and I don’t need it — the people I want to get in touch with, I will keep in touch with and vice versa.  Not sure yet what will become of the Slam discussion group I run there.

— Myspace: ditto, except that I need a replacement for the feature that allows me to post MP3s of Duende stuff for promotional purposes.

This may lead to the creation of a dedicated website, except I have no interest in creating one, learning to create one, and also have no spare money to have one done, or to maintain one.  Dilemma.  Will explore.

If I do create a Website, this (LJ) will likely turn into an embedded blog on the site, hosted either through LJ or through WordPress.

—  This blog may become friends only — not sure yet.  I’ll be really thinking very hard about what goes in here; still not planning on posting poems here again for a while. 

Why all this?

I’m thinking very hard about reducing my "ego footprint."  My need to be read and heard.   While I understand the need to maintain an online presence for promotional purposes, I’m getting pretty close to done with the "social networking" experience. 

There is something to be said about reducing accessibility to one’s self.  Un-American, perhaps, but I become more and more convinced of this the older I get. 

I’m not a particularly social being.  I prefer relative solitude.  I find myself with less and less in common with people in the slam and performance poetry scene, with a few valued exceptions.  To try and be as "socially networked" as I am currently is a major expenditure of energy I don’t have.  I need, for me, to handle that better by taking greater control over the way the Poetry is heard and read, and to simultaneously reduce the connection between my work and me. 

Anathema to some, I’m sure.   Ah, well.

Details to follow as they become clearer to me.