Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Love Story (second draft)

the flint,
a handsome
but somewhat common
sedimentary rock,
could not believe his eyes
when first he saw Sondra,
the girlfriend-shaped

God, he said,
and I do mean that,
I love you.

A thermal took them
and they soared,
pendulum and silk,
rocking back and forth
until they landed
with a thump
and a sigh.

Sondra billowed a bit,

and they at once sought a cliff
who could marry them. 

Dearly beloved,
said the cliff.
Gimme a reason,
I dare you, said
the couple in unison,
that most formal of vows.

They kissed a lot
and fell over the edge
and they either made it down safely
or they didn’t.   That’s the end
of that story.

That cliff is still there, though,
waiting for a breeze
to bring in the business.
Never has to advertise. 
The oddest shapes
always seem to find each other
and come wanting to take that fall,
this time
for one soft landing.

Why surrealism is no longer all that interesting…

A rich and stupid man steals a whole kingdom and no one stops him. Some judges say that It wouldn’t be polite to do so.

In another kingdom there’s a man with a long beard who knows all the words of God. He has some soldiers who are not soldiers, and they fly some stolen planes into buildings in the first kingdom and a lot of people die. 

As a result, the robber king gets to be legitimate while reading about a goat and he sends a lot of soldiers who are soldiers off to the caves to kill the bearded man, but it never happens.  More people die.

Another man in the first kingdom mails a disease and some more people die. Everyone thinks about that beard all the time.

The robber king says that there’s a third king who has a lot of those same diseases hidden somewhere waiting to be mailed.  He sends a lot more soldiers off to kill the third king and steal that kingdom too.

No one finds the diseases but it’s ok, and a lot more people die.

The robber king’s grand vizier shoots his friend in the face and the friend apologizes for the trouble he’s caused.  At least no one died this time!

Meanwhile, the earth is melting and no one’s got any money to cool it down with.  Some people die.  A lot of people die.