Daily Archives: June 17, 2022


playing musical chairs
with people who are told beforehand
when the music will stop so they are
always ahead of you in getting to
a seat. 

playing double dutch
with people who can tie a noose
in the rope and catch you by the neck
in mid-air before you
touch down.

pretending life 
is no longer grade school. 
it will always be
battleground recess, 
every day. 

thinking that bully and bullied
isn’t the name of the big game
we start playing early
and are made to play until
very late.

have choices. pick a side
or walk away. play the role
written for you or 
write another game for yourself
to play. but

you choose, stop pretending
the streetlights are not yet on
and it is not time to come in
from the dark before it gets too dark
to win.