Daily Archives: June 1, 2022

Observations On Cats Inside And Outside Of Boxes

A truck goes by.
One cat sleeps,
the other runs. 

I do nothing but watch.
I do nothing but tell
stories — some are even

Was there a truck? 
I think so. If not, 
I’ll make it so.
Such power in lying
if this is a lie.
Such resolute power
in sitting and watching
if one can tell a story afterward.

The cat who ran knows this.
The one who sleeps might know this
or might not.

I can choose
the stories to tell
about the cats and turn them
into fodder. One’s sleeping in a box
and maybe isn’t even aware
that I’m here. The other one’s
ears keep twitching at the sound
of my keyboard. Maybe. Maybe
they move at the sound of starlings,
or in fear of the truck returning,

if there was a truck.

Schrodinger failed to account
for the observations
of the cat in the box
regarding the nature
of living and dying. He knew
the discussion was ridiculous.
He chose his story without asking
the cat for its view. The cat was likely
more afraid of trucks on the street
than such a story as his.

It would be nice
to know the truth.
Truth be told, I suspect
it would be best for me
to just pet the cats,
both of them,
while we’re all still here. 


A backhanded prayer,
a promise made in a meadow,
a body twisting,
a whole zoo of animal thoughts,
small-town bravery
in the face of big town
a teacher rolling dice that nothing
will go any more wrong,
vacated bodies handled 
gently by lesser superheroes,
no victory to be had, 
no power to which to offer sacrifice,
no reason,
no reason,
no reason.


Apathetic Ghazal

Say that phrase no one will admit they love.
Say it as if you are proud to say it: I don’t care. 

Say it with your whole body as you turn away from today.
Say it symphonically, as a string quartet might play it:  I don’t care. 

So much to think about when you stare at everything all day long.
So many people you don’t know want to discuss all this. Say it: I don’t care. 

Say it as if it could cure the poisoned air, as if our need to weigh in
has turned such an admission into Magick: I don’t care. 

As if your opinion matters without action, if it matters at all with
or without action. Let your tone of voice be your action. Say it: I don’t care. 

Give it a place beyond this one. Put it out, free yourself.
Once free, you will fly. Fly now. Say it: I don’t care. 

Eat better, sleep better, be more at rest while awake; make love
without overthinking. Stop fretting and say, I don’t care. 

You ask: but how should I push through the blood in the streets?
Dye your legs red and blend in with the surge. Say it: I don’t care.