Daily Archives: December 9, 2021

Big Stone

This is the story
of the argument everyone had
with Big Stone

Big Stone says to us all
I can displace your weight
in water from here 

without immersing myself
It’s a neat trick 
an impossible trick for you
but I’m projecting tonnage

you don’t have
How do you think are you
supposed to compete

We said

about Bruce Lee
water and
big stones

Big Stone laughed
so hard at us
mocking the idea of

being cut to pebbles
by water
Laughed so hard and stonily

that it split along
its own faults
so we rushed

into that void
left in the center
of Big Stone

We recognized little there
but felt at home or at least as if 
we were on the way home

although the rock terrified us
as it continued to crumble
Things moved faster

that we’d ever believed possible
Big Stone’s threat
to displace

our weight in water
failed to consider that we
might ourselves be water

even if we had somehow forgotten that 
through all the eons of staring
at Big Stone