Daily Archives: December 6, 2021


If I say “Chopsticks” is
my favorite piano piece
will you think I am being
facetious or simply 
and incredibly stupid about
how much great piano music
is out there that I must have heard
at some point and yet here I am
championing something
almost anyone with fingers
and a memory of hearing it
can play with little thought
once they are shown where 
to begin? If I tell you
that the reason I claim
such a thing is for 
that precise reason —
how accessible it is and 
how it connects so easily and
how much delight one may see
in the eyes of a new player
of any age — how the sound of it
might make even a seasoned pianist
ever so slightly nostalgic
for their earliest days upon 
the ivories — would you think
I am being facetious then
even as your own fingers
begin to twitch and beg you
to let them try? 

Sugar Bowl

measuring my weeks

sifting through days
as if they were
lumps in a sugar bowl

examining the texture
of each rock
of particulate sweetness
hoping for a spoonful
to cure what ails me

is so sour

not that I would know that
except in theory

as I am so offensive
and rank with my
own decades of
misguided self care

nothing tastes sweet