Daily Archives: June 3, 2021

Just An Ape

Just another aging ape in a restaurant
dining on some descended
dinosaur — chicken, maybe.

That’s what I appear to be
to others. Little do they know
who I really am –I can’t

tell them, of course. That would be
unrectifiable. It’s how I get by,
you see — allowing others

to define me by mistake and then
living up to the wrong billing.
All I’ve ever done, in fact,

has flowed from the mistakes
of others. My one true path has been
threaded through falsehood and

this ape, this unevolved fat boy
chewing with his mouth closed
in spite of his wanton instincts,

is satisfied. The chicken is good.
The people who think I’m good
are good with me. What I am to myself

is ridiculous and unimportant
to them. Inside though? Inside
the well fed body, the glittering

at my core would blind them
if they could see. They never will.
Let them think me small and ashamed,

or grandiose and self-important.
Everyone’s got it right as long
as they let me be.

“I Am Asking For Your Vote”

My hands flew open and I found myself
mistakenly trusting someone once again.
It felt like hell afterwards, worse than normal;

I’m certain that this blood
all over my hands
is my own.

Once again I’ve received what I deserve
for my perpetual, hopeful foolishness.
I reset my center, swear, “never again.”

I will no doubt do it again,
accepting what appears to be
kindness. It may even be

intended as kindness. No matter:
I will trust someone and afterward
I will bleed and swear not to bleed

ever again. Every two years,
every four years, I will remind myself
of this as I bleed and bleed.