Daily Archives: December 7, 2020

The Big Window

All is right
with the world

you can see through
the big window

Windows are made
for breaking through

on your way to
the world outside

which is where you want to be
and where they don’t want you to go

They can’t understand
the garbled fuss in your mouth

that comes from
your unarticulated longing

or why a fall from that big window
looks like that yearning fulfilled

You try to tell them
the little cuts you’d suffer

would be blood
worthwhile shed

and that sudden stop
at the bottom

a wake up call delivered from
four stories up

to anyone else trapped
behind the big window

You’re fine with that
but they are less so

You curse your body
that clings to the chair

that will not do
what you want it to do

its fear of what comes after
the breaking of the big window

holding you back as solidly as
any chain or pillory

All is right with the world outside
yet you can’t even break a corner

of the big window to feel it
They won’t even let you

open it just a crack
and feel the air out there