Daily Archives: April 8, 2020

Sound Of Home

Recalling lakefront sounds
of slow water-lapping,
slapping on docks,
slight ting of it against
aluminum boats,
and from over there
a voice and then
a screen door
shutting once, creaking
back open a touch,
then shutting for good.

Here and now, though,
there are grackles scolding
squirrels scolding
sparrows out front;
inside big kitty is snoring
as little kitty reshuffles herself
and settles on her perch.

Missing the lake now
precisely as I would miss the cats and birds
if I were at the lake.

Nowhere sounds like home
yet everywhere sounds like home.

I wonder if your true home 
is only found

in the complete absence of sound.
Would that silence hold
or would it fill

with all you’ve ever heard?

In These Challenging Times

In these challenging times
you want to get right with us.

In this moment of crisis
you need to get on board.

In these difficult days
we have what you need.

In this time of crisis we are all seeking
new translations of “open sesame”

for your wallet. For your time.
For your attention, your opinion,

your locks and combinations.
In this time of panic

we need you to stay calm.
In this critical period

we beg you to not look up
and see us and become critical.

In this unprecedented moment
we don’t want you to think of 

precedents or of how
there have in fact been many

and in this moment of teeter-totter
the last thing any of us want

is for you to ask anyone anywhere
who lives on the front line every day

what it means to cower indoors 
from anything and everything. 

In this moment of how it feels
to worry about death everywhere

we don’t want you to worry so much
you decide to empathize with any place

that just lives this way and has for generations. 
In this commerce-fucking moment

please forget the words Gaza, 
Standing Rock, Afghanistan,

Ferguson, Baltimore, Darfur,
Biafra  — and never mind the rest.

In this moment of confusion
we applaud the challenge of feeling,

for once, like we’re in this together
though we really aren’t. Not if we can help it.

In these moments of isolation
the last thing we really need is you

joining hands and saying enough,
enough. Now that we know,

we can never turn back.
In these challenging times

we’d rather you die 
than say that.