Daily Archives: March 15, 2020


Everyone’s planning
to become the fictional
heroes of historical novels
no one’s written yet.

not quite
far enough
from each other.

in the soup
and no one’s felt
the scalding heat yet.

Everyone’s got
a lonely shoulder and
a broken throat to call from,
though not many have started.

Oh, everyone.

Think about this:
all the people
you could have been, 
and you still turned out to be everyone.

Repost: eBooks for sale

Just bumping this up for visibility.  Another of my sources of income is in imminent danger of being reduced or eliminated as a result of the necessary distancing likely coming up, so anything from any source is becoming important. Thanks in advance.

New poems will be coming very soon!  Time has been precious, as I suspect it is for many of us right now.

Please take care of yourselves first and foremost, good luck, and, y’know, WASH YOUR HANDS.


I am making 8 eBooks/PDFs of my work available for sale to those who might be interested.

They’ll only be available here for the moment; all were previously offered as rewards to various tiers of my Patreon subscribers, a program I will be continuing there, btw.

The titles include:
—  Three annual “best of” collections from 2017, 2018, and 2019
— “Then Play On,” a chapbook of poems about music
— “Pushpins and Thumbtacks,” a volume about icons and cliches of American culture
— “Noted In Passing,” from 2012 that was a limited edition written for a single feature
— “White Pages,” my collection of poems related to race and its role in my life
— “Decay Diary,” a collection of poems about aging

Minimal # of repeats among the collections.

I’m working on converting them all into both PDF and ePUB format over the next day or so. Right now, I have them all as PDFs and four of them as ePUBs.

If you are interested, let me know. Right now thinking 1 for $5 through Paypal, 3 for $12. We can talk about more if you want more.


Please let me know if you are interested through my email at tony.w.brown AT gmail.