Daily Archives: December 16, 2019


People with 
full face beards and

hollow cheeks; people

of glitter and loud 
music, of difference and
fragrance unlike yours, people

who seem to represent
on poverty —

you are not certain of how
to label them: male, female, 
rich, poor? They are certainly

people: grim people,
angry people, or 
worried people —

see the way their eyes
move above their beards.
See them flick back and forth

from you, to their neighbors, 
back to you, wondering
what you are thinking,

looking for safety among those 
like them. It has been
a hard world, after all,

and full beards cannot hide
hollow cheeks, or fear,
forever. You are

not certain of how
to label them?
o not. It is

one small thing
you can do
in a vicious world.

Monkey Toy Man

Put that
existential moan
on lockdown

and admit that your well-being
is a salesman
clapping and hooting

for attention. Monkey
toy causing a ruckus
and not even a real ape —

automaton, cheap
screwed together
simulacrum and 

a bad one at that.
You reached an accord long ago
with it. Let it

holler your praises
and you’d agree
to stay alive for it

because you don’t do it
for yourself. Instead
you made up the clanging beast

who percussively masks
the real you and damned
if it hasn’t worked and now

any time you feel
the need for quiet
you have to contend

with everyone who thinks
you are lying. Big noise
huckster. Are you in there

still? Stifle that real answer.
We know what we want to hear
and you better give it up.