Daily Archives: March 24, 2019

The Body

To pass through an abstraction of emotion
one must think about the body.

To control reaction to hate,
step into it, confront it, then guide the body.

To bring self into love’s wake,
pass into the body.

To manage the fluff and haze of self-loathing,
settle with it by praising the body.

To steel the self while offering a hand to justice,
imagine a breeze within cooling the body.

To name whatever shame calls up inside,
kiss guilt full on then fling all coverings from the body.

To pass through grief whole and safely renewed,
bathe first in sky and then the body.

To expand and take comfort in joy,
sing loudly of what surges in the body.

To be at peace with self,
do not think of self as a helpless rider in the body.

To be at peace with self,
be one with the body.