Daily Archives: December 21, 2018


we the most precious
examples of how the spin of flesh
makes vessels of each of us

sets us whirling in place
our parts and bits end up
precisely where they should be

their placement in our lives
perfection — all of us exactly 
where we are meant to be

even if it leaves us in despair
or rage to be present
with our moment personal and global

even if it leaves us wanting
difference and upheaval 
we the agents of the disruption

this is no false peace
we were neither meant for peace
nor holy acceptance

of bend and bow and scrape 
we are the warriors and medics
of today’s mayhem and failure

we must look each other 
in the eyes and say
you are perfect not broken

worthy not deficient
honored not disgraced
no time for shaming or discarding

as we the mass are
one last chance for miracles 
vectors for hope