Daily Archives: August 24, 2018

Write A Continent

Prompted by a misreading of a Facebook field that actually said, “Write a comment.”

Start with a mountain range,
or a single peak, or a ridge
on the peak, or a string
of boulders, or a single boulder,
a stone, a pebble, perhaps 
a clump of a few grains of sand.

You could do a novel on 
a few grains of sand.
Multi-volume, intertwined plots,
unresolved conflicts — get these handled
before you move up to the continental
challenges. In your lifetime
you may never get there,

and woe unto you if ever the words
“compose an ocean” swim into
your field of view. That’s how
you die unfulfilled. A recipe for 
drowning. A death sentence
you’ll never be able to appeal.

A Beautiful World

A beautiful world exists;
I believe that. 

I understand that
without feeling it
at all. No connection to it 

beyond that which one 
might briefly find 
for a well done replica
of something beyond
personal taste —

doll house, tractor,
Angora rabbit —

for the sake of form
about being impressed
by the work involved,
then moving on.

Beauty, truth —
there are those
who have claimed
they are the same;
I cannot agree.

I’ve seen and felt 
so much ugly truth

I have become numb
to that which might be
beautiful and true
at once,

which does not render
the beautiful less true
but it makes me
an unreliable narrator
of my own passage
through this world:

me on a tractor,
chasing a rabbit, 
heading home
to a perfect house;

me weeping 
when I cannot feel
the sunset
painting me gold

when I arrive.