Daily Archives: July 27, 2017

In The Wind

To the people who stopped dancing
after the Twist, after the Frug, after
the Robot, after the Dougie: pick up
what’s left of yourself from the doorman
and leave the club. Why are you here

when there are so many people waiting
to dance? You’ve crowded the floor, 
taken up a lot of space.
No one can move unless they do
a shuffle like yours. So many have

so much wildness to unleash
that this is killing them.
You might have known that feeling once
and you might want to know it again, but
what you’re doing right now doesn’t come close

to the free shake they long to do. Maybe
that’s why you want this. Maybe them dying 
without a leg to dance on is part of some plan
you’ve hatched to get your own rhythm back
but it’s nothing that will stand. So: get off the floor

if that’s all you’ve got. Get out, get
out the door without looking back.
There’s a new crowd waiting.  Stay
if you are ready to move again. If not,
there’s a wind outside. Go be in it.