Daily Archives: July 13, 2017

Crowned Demon

When I was your crowned demon
I lived better. I slept better
and dined easily with no
shredding pain in my belly
after. I was kingly in my affect
yet had no subjects to fawn
for me, scrape for me, die
for me. I fought you like 
any threatened being and 
wore both winning and losing so well
you ground your teeth at night
with the nagging cancer of 
victor’s envy.

Now that I’ve become
your logo, your clowned
honoree, your advertised 
history, I can’t stop bleeding
inside. I see what you’ve made
on posters, hats, cigarette packs
to help you lay your claim
to what you think I was, to help you
twist me into believing
that all I am is memory and 
template and rogue wave. 
You name me ancestor without
a crumb of shame, name me 
friend without a hand to offer,
name me chic without a care.

When I was your crowned demon,
your merciless savage, I was still
a better human than you.
When you named my children
nits, called me lice, I was 
still a better human than you.
When I was your obstacle,
your plague, your big “in the way,”
I was still a better human than you.
When you beat me into pale imitation
and cut me free of my tongue, 
I was still a better human than you,

and if I am now to be your mascot,
you had better learn how to sleep
with one eye on me, because 
I recall what it meant to be
your crowned demon and as such
I am still

a better human
than you

Channel G

What a true
religious experience
it would be 
were we to learn that
some known star,
some common
twinkle, some blip
whose true influence
has long been hidden from us behind
astrologers’ misunderstanding
for millennia,

was in fact what we call God
and has been sentient 
and laughing out there
in space, thinking of
what it has done
for us and to us,
and all the time we thought
it was all because
of Sirius or Betelgeuse
or some epic cluster
we’d configured
into an image of grand myth
or metaphor when in fact
it was a small yellow sun 
not terribly far away 
that had taken on the role
of our celestial deus ex machina
without us even knowing 

and done it all for fun, on whims
and fancies, just to watch
what was happening here
for entertainment; imagine us learning
that it has invited other stars
to watch as well, that we are considered
interstellar appointment watching,
longest running show in this sector,

although it must be said that
the plots are getting
a little stale and whispers
are growing about
what, if anything, can be done
to erase the slide.