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About those other projects…

Hi, Dark Matter readers!

I’ve been quite busy of late on a variety of writing projects as well as some things related to my band, The Duende Project.  The most recent post on the Website for that side of what I do gives out a whole bunch of info, including some recent publications and other musical activities of the band.

You can see that post at:


I hope you might take a moment to check it out.  Thanks!


How To Live

Trying to forget
all those homemade
white crosses
by roadsides,
in deserts,
pounded into loose soil
piled up against concrete
bridge abutments;
trying not to see
corners and parks laden
with heaps of browning flowers,
glass-cupped candles,
rain-rotted posters
for mercy, for justice,
for explanation;
turning away from
those names cut
in granite and marble,
raised hooves on statues
of cavalry horse and rider,
incised mottos of fervor
for cause and country.
Trying to give my back to
all this evidence
of all these deaths: those
observed by some,
exalted by others,
ignored as landscape,
as background,
by almost everyone else;
trying to figure out how,
in a society built around
this constant, foundational
presence of
our dead,
one lives a life
of life.