Daily Archives: April 16, 2017


Live a sunlit life.
Leave shadow to me
and my team.

Turn off the news, 
enjoy the silence.
Leave the dealing 
and terror to me
and my team.

Live in constant 
yes to the feel of sun
upon your face. 
Leave the moon 
and all its gentle maybe
to me

and my team.

Get with your 
folks. Get safe
and get comfy.
Leave the spikes
and road rash, the
holes and fractures,
the dinging of the fight bell,
the complexity of how much itch
you can take before screaming,
to me and my team.

We are out here
already.  Born here, 
in fact. It’s nothing new
to us.

Do the nothing new for you.
Leave the rest.
We got this.
We do.