Daily Archives: October 18, 2016

Slowly (fragment)

body slips aside and

this day becomes
soil, turns into

garden, changes
from struggle to

memory of

Slowly, body
fails the day,

closes till

with neither sadness
nor regret, just

a hope for 
soft open,

a wish for 

a longing 
for growth 

for days upon
days yet to come.

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

with one Gibson one ego
and ten live genius fingers

flying across the desert
toward the next show

where he’ll be paid
in cash for a precisely timed set

with a local pickup band
who had better know every song

and there had better be
a girl backstage

fit for an icon’s status
and predilection for all

to bend before him
because this is what 

this brown-eyed handsome man
can get away with now

though he didn’t always
get away with it

but ten genius fingers
a Gibson and an ego

dropped into the right place
at the right time 

wrung a new world
out of an old one once

and once that happened
even people inclined to hate 

a brown-eyed handsome man
felt compelled to shout for him

saying go go
go be good

or bad-ass as fuck
brown eyed handsome man

on a plane
aimed at the next show

next bag of cash
next nameless band

to stare at his backside
contracted to kiss it if he asks

and who would have dreamed
that would happen 

back when he started
back when it all started