Daily Archives: October 16, 2016

How To End War

You say, don’t call these unpleasant days

wars.  You say, it makes the struggles
seem so violent.  You say,
from such words come the violence.
You say, the violence is so

but what you do not say is

there is no “us” and “them”
that you will continue to accept.

You claim to see no “us”
and “them” but

when the war is on,

you sit yourself right back down in 
your own seat and call us 
“them” and talk about us as if we
made this battle. As if the way 

into your fantasy world
of no “us and them”

is for us to utterly forget
that you are as always
sitting elsewhere, far from where
we perpetually bleed;

you look violent there,
sitting in an armored section filthy
with velvet rope
that you (and only you) call

and from where we are,
from where we must war,

we see no sign
that the rope
will ever come down
without the help
of a sword.