Daily Archives: April 6, 2015

The Narrative

Originally posted in August 2011.

Eventually I do want to get home but for now, 
I’m content to sit here in contemplation of this peach.

It’s a story all its own. The seed within is both past and future 
while the flesh is the present, so wetly present.

It is all I want right now, 
a solitary moment free of nostalgia and anticipation.

This sweet ball of interruption!
I reach for it and let the narrative go.

Old Books

It’s hard to breathe
when immersed
in this scent.
It’s a man’s scent.  
A patriarch’s scent.  
The Patriarch’s scent.

So man-scented
the question must be asked:
were there any women living
wherever this paper was printed?
If there were
they aren’t present in this smell.

they were busy
holding up that world
so a man could write this.  Maybe
they were busy dying
holding up that world 
while thinking of new ones.  

That was a hint of them
just now —  
fouled wood smoke
and a whisper,

burn them,

like the crackling of pyres.