Daily Archives: February 5, 2023

Bring Us The Flood

In some part of The Land
there’s been more rain
than they can handle

but not here, where we long
for rain and pray for The Land
to come back into Balance. 

What if this is Balance?
Some say it is and the Land
is behaving as it should.

We are the Fulcrum 
upon which the Balance
has come to rest.

Some say, it is what it is. Some say
those words are themselves
the blunt tip upon which

the Fulcrum has come to rest
and the reason the Balance
wobbles like a weak priest

in a confessional, shaking
as he listens to sins in a voice
he knows so well.Too well.

All I know is that the rain
is elsewhere, not here. We
do what we can to maintain

Balance. We shiver or we burn
and tell each other to take hold
and hang on. It is what it is:

the Balance is not in our favor
and unlikely to come to us now. 
That’s the nature of Balance: 

it settles, eventually, come rain
or come shine. There’s a reason
some say it that way: it is 

what it is,
come rain or come shine,
easy come, easy go.

It’s been years now since
we’ve seen rain. Listen to 
The Land. Bring us now the Flood.