Daily Archives: December 3, 2022

In Fire There Is Light and Truth

I will say
before anyone else does
that I know
I’m a bad god. Not
evil, not malicious,
not even The Adversary.
I’m just nearly

Can’t do
most of what
I’m called on to do,
even what’s in
the actual job description,
which you would no doubt
be confused to read.
I can’t let you see it. 
You’d think at least there
I’d be omnipotent
but no. No god is,
I’ve asked around.
For instance none of us
can beat a full house
with a pair of sevens,
but I digress.

I digress
all the time which is
part of the problem. 
People want
a directed deity,
one with focus,
with clarity. 
In fact they really
want one, the One.
I’m not like that.
Nothing is. No One
can do all that is asked
of Them.

I’m especially
bad at it. I fumble through,
drop as much
as I carry. You call on me
and I am startled, 
every time. Incompetent
at nearly everything I’m 
asked to do but oh
my darlings,

if you could see me run
ahead of a wildfire’s
leading edge singing
the song I was made to sing
you’d fall down and know
what I was made for —
and then I’d take you
and you’d call my name.

It’s one thing I’m good at,
one thing. I’d pick you up
from the ashes and carry you
home. Just know that 
I drop as much
as I carry.