Daily Archives: October 7, 2022


I filled the feeders
and no sooner had I 
turned my back
upon them that
the downy woodpecker
landed upon one
with me not being more than
a couple of feet away,
not yet even off the mulch
that surrounds them 
in the front yard,
the front walk still
several feet ahead —
the concrete
that I’ve always seen as
demarcation, mine 
versus theirs, and
when I turned back
to watch him, his red
patch bright before me
as he hammered so lightly
upon the seed block,
he did not seem concerned
and I was so honored to be
thus disregarded.


Quieting my
breathing until
it can slip past words
longing to leave me

so it may sustain me
through the fire of
wanting to speak
but not trusting myself

to say things 
softly or with precision
Slowing my heart rate
until it is no louder

than thoughts
of righteous outbursts
terrifying self-exposures
infamous last war cries

My best work
is destined to remain 
imaginary because 
to put it out there would be

to proclaim anathemas
intended to be seductions
and watching
the world recoil