Daily Archives: September 12, 2022


or red
but both are  
white as well
as well as  
white as hell:

each built from
shaded interpretation,
then elucidation of
rationale for first mistakes
redoubled in each
subsequent mistake.  

All I want 
is to go home
to this place
of which they both speak
where no one I
have ever known
has ever lived. 

A mystery home
of joy and backslapping,
of setting shoulders in unison
to the common wheel
to pull the bounty on board
forward to
the common feast.

That someone 
has been from the start 
under the wheel
and that the bounty on board
is far from
common to all and in fact
is crushing to many?
Details. A pittance
in the bank of memory.

All I want 
is a home where I can rest
unbroken as I
have never been. Where 
the red and the blue and 
the white over our heads
is a banner, not a shroud.