Daily Archives: July 10, 2022


nearby — mockingbird!
Police siren hedge clipper
low whistle meow bird 
though unseen well heard 

Even black cat and calico
pick their heads up
out of sleep
and seek the source
Even the starlings 
shut up and sit still

Feeders are full
but no one’s eating until
we all figure it out 

Police siren low coo
car door closing and 
meow again then

no more

The starlings start
their bickering again
and the cats
go back to sleep

We Are Infinite Hope And Light

(I don’t know
that word anymore)

(or that one as all I know
of being is “were”)

(but only if
We limit others

and who is 
this “We” 
and who are these “others”)

(which seems to be
a good thing by definition)

and Light 
(if that is opposed to 
what We have right now

it cannot come
soon enough
and may be too late)

What we
we mean
these words 

to mean has
become mean

Welcome to
the limit of
light and how

“We” feels when
in the dark

after tossing
the jigsaw puzzle of 
what Hope looks like

back into its box
and shoving it
to the back of the closet

We are
not responsible
for any missing piece

and who
are you calling “We”