Daily Archives: January 14, 2022

Happening At 4 PM

Around 4 PM a newish Civic
made a magnificent left-hand turn 
across oncoming traffic. 

The cursing that followed it 
was a stunned music for bystanders
but the driver who sparked the song

rolled on through
without taking notice
of what they had created.

Hours later, everyone
who saw it happen is still
feeling some kind of way about it.

Life for them
is so different right now
from what it was.

They all went home
filled with the spirit and story
of the happening.

That they were fairly numb
prior to the squealing
of wheels and horns

and the profanity
has been forgotten.
Opinions abounding,

hard words flying:
they were so alive then,
Death’s nearby presence

not withstanding. This left
their bodies giddy within.
It made the whole dull day

shine. You’ve got to do something
with this, Death told them. You’ve got
to make something else happen.