Daily Archives: June 7, 2020


Amazed that the world
bothers to be beautiful
before our eyes, continues
to thrive as it can, until I recall

that even as we are part of it,
it was not made
for our comfort and joy

and it would fall back into
a serenity of balance without us. 

If there were no
walls or screens between us
that bluejay would not likely stay 
for as long as he does
so close to me. 

That falls
on me and mine and while
I mourn it, I accept it —

though I make my life
on the possibility
of change, though I work
for change, I accept that

whatever beings feel 
they must remain wary of me
are right to do so,
and if they are willing to draw closer
someday, it will be on me
to make that possible.