Daily Archives: May 24, 2020

A Lovely Day

It was, as they say,
a lovely day. One of those
you’ll look back to and say
who could have guessed
what was happening on such
a lovely day? Not that anything
that followed negates the beauty 
of the light on the street that day, 
the angled shadows between
apartment buildings at six PM,
the words of people in the street
unaware of how sorrows were rising
even as it seemed like hope was rising
high enough to drown them. 

It was, as they say, a perfect day —
and to be honest it was,
because it did not hew too closely
to some impossible standard
where nothing bad happened at all.
Instead we got the perfect mess of 
lovely stewed with horrible,
not that we knew what was coming
that day. It took a while to show. 

It was, as is said in the books, 
a perfect day. They teach it
to this day as such;
they do not sugar coat it,
they make it mythic and exacting
in its impact — but the light,
the temperature, the chill in the breeze
that kept it all comfortable?
It’s at the center of what I recall,
and the reason I’ve not trusted
such clear daylight
ever since.

Getting To Tomorrow From Yesterday

Getting to tomorrow
from where we are now
is like preparing to take
an overseas trip on
a small old ship 
in hurricane season;

we don’t know
a thing about sailing,
it’s been so long since we
had to leave our country
to seek safety
we can’t imagine
it’s more than
an afternoon away,
and we certainly
aren’t dressed
for the journey,
but we’re going anyway

since staying here
in yesterday 
is terrifying 
and impossible

and the only shot at joy
we may left
is, possibly,
over there on 
the storm-crushed
far shore.