Daily Archives: May 6, 2019

Kiss Kiss

You claim 
you have taken the entire world
as a faithful partner,
its hand in your hand,
walking the path with you;

kiss, kiss,
and a miss.

This world owes you nothing. It is
not your partner,
the equality you feel with it
now and then
is just the balm
of you being useful
and when you are not — 

you wake at night,
still with the world
but wondering 
why and for how much longer and
you sit up lonely, startling
the cats in an empty bed — even you
aren’t there, are you? Meanwhile

the world pulls its hand back,
blows a kiss, moves away;

a matter of survival.


They tied people
I might have loved 
to stakes placed high

on piles of gasolined wood,
bound them with ropes
they bought on my credit.

They set those pyres alight
with bills I handed them 
from my wallet

and when the condemned
screamed, they turned
my music 
up loud enough

to make it seem 
that the cries of the immolated
were distant,

discordant coincidences
not in the soundtrack
from the start.

I bowed my head 
and looked at my hands;
empty, supplicant,

stinking of
accelerant, blistered

and scarred from heat.

They also held my tears
and though I wept for it all,
though my weeping

should have added
salt to my wounds,
they barely stung;

when I looked up
at the ones tending the pyres,
I saw my hands there.