Daily Archives: April 23, 2019


In there, whistling winds, rain.
Out here, stars are cowering.

You think this is backwards,
contradictory, silly? Learn the world:

a series of twists and folds,
a model of mountains rising

and caves underneath that hold
secrets and paradoxes. You, here,

are meant to learn this,
not understand it: not yet.


Muted as joy is for me
in this now of gray day
and shit-dark news, still
I can see how for others
there is still some hope
that there are paths to it
for their children and those
beyond them in some future
they trust will exist. I see them
holding out their hands
urging these kids to stand, 
to walk, to run toward light
and purpose and whatever
may come after, while all the time
I sit alone, empty on that front,
thinking of what we all will endure
along the way to this Magic Time
assumed to be ahead, thanking 
my genes and my body for holding back
the small desperations and little angers
I would have unleashed upon this world.