Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

Left Hand Story

My old left hand
feels so strange today

with its new little bend
that limits
how well it holds
and hangs on

but with it I cradle the stone
I raised years ago
from the bed
of a pond
where I swam
daily for a summer
when I was twelve,

a white stone chased 
with black smears, laced
with mica stars, lifted
from the rich stew
at the bottom in 
the deepest part
of that pond the first time
I touched bottom, swimming
straight down to snatch it
and bring it back with me

to where I burst
through the surface into

late morning sun, holding it
tighter than I can now
with this weakened paw:
bursting up to the air back then
from the silted water,
taking a great breath
as I breached;
a browned, slim boy
coming into my own
so many years ago
that I cannot recall if I
was as alone then
as I am now:

neither slim nor browned,
not wholly alone in life
but solo in this moment,
hanging on
to what hard treasure
I may find 
in deep, unfamiliar