Daily Archives: March 25, 2017

In A Cave

In a cave.

of other visits
by other beings.

Stink of guano. 
Beetles skittering.

Shining in the floor
where one beam
strikes, a small broken
white bone.

Pull it from dirt,
take it out into sunlight…
are those cut marks?
tooth scrapes? runes?
One end sharp as
suspicion. Smooth
as if sanded overall,
except for those gouges,
and bleach-pale.

Stink of guano,
beetles skittering.

Was it weapon, leftover
from a meal, souvenir of
an enemy, nothing even
related to human

It is sharp. It is
bleach-pale. It is
telling that 

first thought is
a human 
act created it:
a violent act;
a taboo act
with some hidden meaning;

a common, easily
repeated act

ages ago
amid stink of guano
in which beetles thrived,
first dreamed up

in a cave.