Nature Lover

You claim to want
and love nature
Your fantasy of it
seems to be
a longing

to walk in the forest
untroubled by rain
or beasts or bugs
or the inconvenient
mess of wet leaves underfoot

to stroll along the beach
unaffected by the smell
of kelp tossed up earlier
to bake in the sun

to walk a mountain walk
with no stumbling upon loose rock
no thinner air
no need for careful steps or
taking thought for safety

You seem to suppose
the avoidance of
the truth found in nature
is possible and that
as such it’s
less dangerous than
facing it

but the truth
serenely oblivious
to your delusion
as always

will deliver
what it sees fit
to deliver
in its own time
on its own terms

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4 responses to “Nature Lover

  • Eileen

    A city dweller’s dream of nature…..when my mother-in-law first dragged me into the woods to find jack in the pulpit and wild iris, I thought she was crazy….ticks, and snakes and poison ivy, oh my! But she opened my eyes to the amazing beauty of small hidden things in nature and I spent many healing days exploring our Winnie the Pooh 100 acre Wood and sleeping under the stars on the ground around a dying fire listening to a Bobcat and the copper head sleeping under the old stump next to me and I had a mutual non-agression policy. And those were the times I experienced a oneness with all things that changed my whole perspective on life.

  • Léa

    Tony, how sadly true. Unfortunately, we have not had sufficient rain this past year to keep our river flowing. It is a dust bowl and such a quiet summer evening without the serenade of crickets and frogs…

    • Tony Brown

      Same here. My garden was sadly afffected.

      • Léa

        No doubt. However, much of what grows around here is not quite so delicate as is much in a garden. We are surrounded by olive, almond and fig trees, rosemary, thyme, wild garlic and other such hardy plant life as one would expect along the Mediterranean.

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