Daily Archives: November 1, 2014

It Just Is

Originally posted 11/30/2013.

I will again
call this place “ours”

when we can bury our dead our way
and be buried here that way 

when the old blood in the soil
stops weeping from loneliness

I will again
call this place “ours”

when we can plant trees here and feel safe
about our grandchildren living to see them

when those future forests again shrug
at our presence as matter of fact

I will again
call this place “ours”

when the names we give places
hold a music that pulls the land into shape

when we forget how to ghost dance
because it’s become unnecessary

when we don’t dance
for you

when we break the last camera
you’ve smuggled into our homes

when we stop you
from plucking

pointless feathers from thin air
and planting them in your hair

when we open up the shame vault and tell you
no your grandmother likely wasn’t

and if she was
it might have been by force

and ask you if it was by love
why you don’t know her name

I will again
call this place “ours”

when we stop being angry long enough
to pity you

and to laugh more than a little at you
when I realize

that I can call this place “ours”
any time I want

because after all this time
in spite of all that’s happened

it still is
it just is