Recording for your consideration…

Today would have been the 81st birthday of the great master of the cuatro, Yomo Toro. Yomo Toro’s mastery introduced me to an instrument I love — and which I don’t think I will ever be much good at, at least not in the traditional sense. Which is kind of the point of this tribute to “Torito.” 

My band Duende Project plays this live now and then, but have somehow never gotten around to recording it. So I sat down this morning and cut this. It’s a live track — me playing as I read the poem; the quality is not spectacular, but again…that kind of fits in its own way. 

Just offering this as a way of honoring the day and as an offering to those who knew his music and the man himself. I wish I had known him; I’m honored to have made the acquaintance of his family as a result of this poem, and hope they in particular like this. Thanks.

Poem For Yomo Toro

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