Last posted on 6/25/2012, Original posting 4/7/2010.

Dog them early
while the scent of sulfur builds.
Maze their rules
until loopholes become jaws.

Stack them till your God
approves of the height of the pile.
Open their prison doors
and pour in hot oil and lingering fame.

Approve their paroles in a voice of long chains.
Denounce them at the whiff
of impure thought.
Relegate their romances to the dustbin of hysteria.

Imagine them as moldy bread.
Bite mincing mouthfuls from them
till they spit back.
Reject their responses to infractions.

Blow them rat kisses.
Darken their doorsteps.
Assume their pleasures for your own.
Assume their pleasures are your own.

Burn their books.
Starve them.
Own them.
Remove them from their lands.

Speak of universal love
only when they aren’t there to hear.
Steal their women
for a cabaret of night monkey wars.

Splay their men’s genitals
upon a flea market blanket.
Drown their children in salt.
Rend their garments as you bruise their heels.

Revise their gods.
Bivouac where they pray.
Infiltrate them when they attempt
to remake their own worlds.

Give them names
to conceal the names
with which
they were born.

Carry a sponge to sop
their servant blood from your white loins.
Blacken their teeth until yours
are moonlike in comparison.

Honor them with caricatures
while you shred their portraits.
Play their music in your nurseries.
Wear their feathered robes.

Drop their bastardized secrets
on the tiles of your temple.
Cut off their water.
Tell them the righteous can live on dew alone.

Suck their grass
Watch their tongues
get crisp.

and only then,
let your mercy rain down upon them
as a mighty river.

About Tony Brown

A poet with a history in slam, lots of publications; my personal poetry and a little bit of daily life and opinions. Read the page called "About..." for the details. View all posts by Tony Brown

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