Daily Archives: September 4, 2020

Shabby Time

none of us expected
a time so inflated
seams expanded almost to bursting

no longer a flow
instead as shabby
as a failing bridge

distance between seconds grown
nearly insurmountable
far side less and less certain

our history seems
more and more a series
of false supports to a span

over a gap
where those on each side
believe their ground

is all that is solid and
crossing it is folly
unnecessary madness

time being
at its essence beyond us
will eventually deflate

pull itself together
once we stop waiting for it
to tick just for us

instead let us stand
dead center upon that bridge
and whether we fall or rise

or hang suspended
let us accept what happens
in that perfected time

with full understanding
that from there truth
may look different depending

on where
you choose
to stand

but never is
in fact anything
more than truth

like time itself
forever beyond our belief
of what it should be